Protection and Performance the centre of POC’s new 2018 cycling apparel collections

Resistance 2018Road 2018POC has built an international reputation on safety, innovation and design, and ahead of Eurobike 2017, introduces several new updates and categories to its 2018 road and mountain bike apparel collections. Performance and Protection are core components of the new cycling collections with mountain bike apparel also finely tuned to activity specific riders. POC CEO, Jonas Sjögren, said “We are pleased to present our Cycling 18 apparel collections which we believe to be a major leap forward in our apparel design and technology. Our teams have used their extensive experience to find fabrics and materials in order to create precision apparel with unique qualities, be it our new aerodynamics panels on the Raceday mountain bike and road collections or enhanced safety, supported low friction ceramic zones on our updated AVIP road collection. Our Swedish heritage and our commitment to our mission has naturally influenced a lot of our development, but we have also worked closely with our athletes in both mountain bike and road to perfect everything from weight, fit and function. Details are an incredibly important part of performance and we have left no stone unturned in developing apparel which we believe has unique properties and will support improved safety, aerodynamics, performance and enjoyment.” POCs new 2018 apparel collections are split into ‘road’ and ‘mountain bike’ with all benefiting from performance and safety which is at the core of the POC development process. Cycling 2018 - Road The 2018 Road collections are categorised as: Raceday, focused on no compromise race and aerodynamic performance; AVIP which provides performance training and safety; and Essentials supporting all day performance. Some highlights for the Road collection include the Innovations in Raceday with a number of new aerodynamic materials and panels which reduce the impact and drag of a cyclist’s body through the air. The panels have been optimized for riding at speeds in excess of 35km/h. and act by improving air flow over key zones of the body i.e. arms, shoulders, legs and back, which improves a cyclist’s overall efficiency and speed. AVIP – which stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection, was POC’s first road bike collection. AVIP supports enhanced safety whilst training and uses color blocks and contrast to improve safety when training on the open road. The 2018 collection has been enhanced and improves safety further by integrating a number of low friction ceramic panels in strategic zones of the apparel to reduce the consequences of a fall. Cycling 18 – MTB The 2018 MTB collection is updated and is built on three collections, Raceday, Resistance and Essentials offering the same focus on race, training safety and all day riding. New for 2018 is the inclusion of activity specific lines for downhill (DH), enduro (EN) and cross country (XC) riders. Some highlights of the new MTB 18 collection include Raceday for DH, EN and XC which features new Lightweight, stretchable, high-wicking and highly breathable materials which are optimized for racing. The precise fit and form of the advanced aerodynamic fabrics improve airflow in strategic zones. Resistance MTB, for DH, EN and XC, also integrates an array of new materials and technology to improve safety when riding, notably by introducing Cordura, Kevlar and re-inforced zones to support riders when they fall. Improving endurance and performance has also been considered, such as with the new Essential XC Air VPDs Bib Shorts, which are a lightweight, highly ventilated liner bib shorts designed to be worn under regular MTB shorts. POC CEO, Jonas Sjögren, added - “Over the last ten years we have developed a wealth of knowledge around fabric choice, technical materials, fit and function. Working with our medical and aerodynamic experts in POC Lab and WATTS Lab, respectively, we have been complemented our own knowledge and analysed the precise performance and safety needs of road and mountain bike riders. What we set out to create with our Cycling 2018 collection is apparel that has precise function and performance at its core, but could equally be used in combination across POC collections so that cyclists would have flexibility and choice depending on their precise needs and demands.” POC, which was recently awarded the bike industry ‘Brand of the Year 2017’ and has been awarded more than 50 international safety, design and innovation awards, was founded in 2005 in Sweden. POC’s mission is ‘to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists’.