– Built on unconventional and positive thinking

In the summer of 2013, amongst all the horns and chaos pulsating through the Tour de France, a lone racer with the Garmin Sharp team, Ryder Hesjedal, set off waves of raised eyebrows through cycling’s most famous caravan. Not for his racing, power data, or something he said, but for wearing unconventional eyewear.

It was a disruptive moment for a sport known to prefer conservative amounts of change; it was also the instant POC marked a presence in the world of road racing.

Professional cyclists fill their days with copious amounts of speed and risk, with safety often sacrificed over the altar of enhanced performance. As such road riders could not be more obvious or essential to POC’s safety mission, and from day one in the peloton, the dedication has been to create products with unquestionable quality and relevance for those operating in a unique, high-performance environment.

Driven to deliver new levels of safety and holistic protection, the collaboration with world-leading athletes, who can test and refine our innovations has always been an essential ingredient in award-winning product development.

But more than this is the importance of working with open minded riders willing to look beyond the norm, ready to break traditional molds and ideas. Garmin Sharp, in its various forms, has always been a team blessed with unconventional thinkers and a roster of athletes that could easily step back and see the world differently.

And then we met David Millar; a rider with a past, but who’s energies were all directed towards a brighter future and a rider in harmony with our worldview; to naturally embrace change, always look for the positives in new ideas and be ready to be unconventional for the greater good. The CHPT3 x POC collaboration emerged, as natural as the Devesa forest itself. A beautiful balance of design, form and function laid on a groundwork of unconventional and positive thinking; see the wood for the threes.