A leader in helmet safety - POC safety innovations and German injunction response

POC is aware that its new and innovative oblique impact technology, SPIN, is being scrutinized and may be subject to a legal injunction in Germany. POC has a long and established reputation around safety and has years of experience developing advanced and award-winning helmets and technologies. SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) is POC’s own patent-pending technology which has been developed by POC’s in-house team of experts and engineers to counter the effects of oblique impacts.

POC has not, as yet, been contacted or received any official documentation or notification related to the ruling. In addition, no hearing has been held and no detailed argumentation relating to the infringement and validity or the opportunity to make submissions has, to date, been provided. If the ruling is served POC will immediately oppose the ruling.

POC is proud of its international reputation for safety and is driven by its mission to potentially save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists. POC has always pushed the boundaries of conventional thinking for helmet protection and user safety and is disappointed that its own, patent-pending, in-house technology is being challenged, in particular as SPIN is novel and free of any development restrictions. Despite potentially being drawn into unnecessary legal considerations POC is dedicated to defending our technology and ensuring all our users have the best in innovative and advanced protection.

POC’s expertise in product development and whole helmet design, coupled to a willingness to continually innovate through new materials and technologies, is fundamental in creating award-winning, advanced and class-leading helmets. POC prides itself on always seeking out new and innovative ways to support our mission and users, as they deserve the very best in innovative helmet design, materials and construction.