Take in the sights

When you take a step back, the world almost seems too vast to comprehend. There is so much of it, how is it possible to take it all in?

Like the voracious reader, burning the candle at both ends, flipping page after page in an attempt to absorb as much of the world’s great thinking, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what’s there to be read.

We have vast opportunities, but our time isn’t limitless and as time gets short and horizons widen the focus on quality, precision and being selective gains ever more importance. We may only get to scratch the surface of what’s possible, but rather than trying to take more in, it’s better to take more of the right thing in.

Just like your sight.

The capacity to focus on a road surface or trail has come with evolution. As speed or intensity increases so does the ability to focus on what really counts, the big picture fades into a distant background as your vision hones in on the challenge in front of you.

Whether it’s in a mountain bike, gravel, road or urban environment a rider’s vision is the gateway to decision making. Still, but more often it’s not a decision you make consciously, rather a process of adjustment that enhances with you as you start to look beyond the corner or judge roots ten meters away.

It’s at that point you are only taking in what’s truly essential, the world is now distilled into a pure focus that puts your mind at ease, even as the world flies past.

Imagine being able to boost what evolution has given us, by providing even more precision and enhanced light.

That’s the essence of Clarity, sunglass lenses tuned with highly advanced tints to precisely filter light, intensify specific colors and enhance contrast. Lenses which will improve your performance, safety and give you a new level of sensory clarity, so you are able to focus precisely on what matters at that time.

Developed with world leaders in optics, Carl Zeiss, Clarity lenses have tints specifically designed to boost colors and contrast in specific environments, such as urban, road and mountain bike. Providing each rider with a various color spectrums that match their activity.

Clarity. The vision to see things clearly.