Bike season is here

At POC, we are constantly looking to develop new and innovative materials, constructions and compositions that push the boundaries of personal protection. This approach has led to a new and innovative Wheels 2013 product range and we are extremely excited to share it with you. Being able to redefine performance by combining low weight, perfect fit, dent resistance and great protection is always challenging. With the award winning Crane helmet we have risen to this challenge and we are proud to present a product that successfully balances these features. In the Crane helmet, we have implemented a new kind of liner, combining two different densities. The stiffer outer part deals with higher energy impacts while the inside provides protection for lower energy impacts. In combination, the two densities provide a progressive stop in case of impact. The unique size adjustment system makes it possible to customize the fit of the helmet to ensure it stays safe and comfortable in place. The Crane helmet is available May 13.
Our new glove collection has been revised to create a range of gloves that offers even greater comfort and fit for the perfect feeling, protection and control. The ambition has always been to mimic the best natural grip of the hand, whilst also adding the essential layer of protection and comfort.
The eyewear range is developed to optimize function and protection for all activities and conditions. For this season, we are proud to introduce you to the new Do Low sunglasses. All of our sunglasses have NXT lenses and there is a wide assortment to choose from, each different in tint and function. NXT lenses were initially developed for fighter jet canopies, and offer superior optical performance and extreme impact, temperature and chemical resistance. See all our Wheels 2013 products >>