POC launch the Dimension Avalanche Backpack

Ultra durable, innovative, rechargeable, smart and hassle-free, POC is proud to release a new generation of mountain safety with the Dimension Avalanche Backpack. Incorporating the new and advanced ​​Alpride E2 Electronic Airbag System, the Backpack is the perfect tool to support enhanced protection and backcountry adventures.

POC’s safety mission and its long history in skiing led naturally to the Dimension Avalanche Backpack, especially as airbag systems are well known to offer the greatest chance of avoiding burial in an avalanche, and as such the best chance of survival.

To develop an innovative and contemporary backpack with the latest airbag technology, POC teamed up with Swiss specialists in avalanche airbag systems, Alpride SA. The Dimension Avalanche Backpack incorporates the brand new, fully electronic Alpride E2 system with supercapacitor technology and results in an airbag system that is lighter, has more volume and deploys faster than the E1 generation.

Henrik Björkman, Senior Product Designer for packs, POC said: “A few years ago we could only dream of where the new generation of fan systems are today. We have been eager to develop a backpack like this, and with Alpride’s innovative technology we are incredibly proud of the result and potential for enhanced protection. It is a backpack that integrates material craftsmanship with the speed and reliability of the Alpride system, is lightweight and not subject to any restrictions for flying, transport, shipment or storage.”


On the face of it the backpack may have a classical design. Look closer and the incredibly meticulous and advanced construction shines through, it could be with 133 pattern pieces, the 66 webbings or the 53 trims, but all are designed in a way to deliver an advanced yet easy-to-use backpack with zero compromises. The technology, construction, usability, carrying comfort, visibility, material choice and clear aesthetics serve to underscore a core development idea; that the backpack must be intuitive to use, especially under extreme conditions and in emergency situations.

Integrated technology also creates a smart safety approach. The embedded RECCO® reflector, which makes a user searchable to rescue teams, and a medical ID NFC chip from twICEme, which stores vital first aid data for first responders to use, especially in the ‘golden hour’ after an accident, are of particular importance – and both function without batteries or an internet connection.

The carrying system incorporates a reinforced back panel and adjustable weight-distribution straps guarantee an immediate, safe and comfortable position on the back. The resulting body hugging effect guarantees wobble-free powder descents, while the clever compartmentalization of the pack makes intuitive use natural. The color coded straps indicate how to correctly attach skis or snowboard to the backpack.

POC Freeride athlete Craig Murray: “The backpack is great. I have been using it a lot and it’s really practical and confidence inspiring. It’s size is ideal to fit my day backcountry kit such as skins, water bottle, food, puffer jacket, first aid kit, crampons, saw, shovel, beacon and probe. But it’s not too large to compromise the feeling when skiing. The internal pockets are well thought out and the main Dimension material, quality hems and double stitching are great for the durability and integrity of the pack. Plus, the helmet carry system and central zip simplifies a lot of carrying questions.”

The fluorescent orange color ensures perfect visibility even during the worst white-out and the choice of material guarantees lasting durability and absolute reliability when its needed most. Rarely used in the construction of backpacks, the Dimension Avalanche Backpack uses an extremely high-quality material, Dimension Polyant, which was originally developed for the extremes of sailing.

The fabric is a polyester laminate construction, consisting of four fabrics bonded together which guarantees durability, complete waterproofness, longevity, abrasion and tear resistance. In addition, the face fabric is made of 100% recycled polyester and DWR treated so that the outer fabric does not get wet.

Johan Weman, Technology Exploration Director, POC, added “Research shows that the best chance to avoid burial in an avalanche is with an avalanche airbag and they are an essential safety item for those venturing into avalanche prone terrain. But certain drawbacks, such as weight or practicality when flying have held some skiers and snowboarders back from adopting the technology. We developed the Dimension Avalanche Backpack to address these issues, to develop a convenient, practical, hassle free system that works exactly when you need it so there would be no need to compromise or choose.”


- Alpride E2 Electronic Airbag System
- RECCO® reflector and twICEme NFC medical ID chip
- Left or right side mounting height-adjustable deployment handle
- Airbag compartment with burst-zipper
- Full-opening, easily accessible spacious main compartment
- Fleeced goggle zip-pocket, zip-pocket for valuables with key-clip, larger zip-pocket and pouch for first aid kit in the main compartment
- Quick access avalanche safety kit compartment with extra durable face fabric and sleeves for shovel and probe
- Front compartment with vertical zipper opening and water drainage for skins
- EVA backplate
- VPD padded shoulder straps
- Weight distribution straps
- Height-adjustable sternum-strap
- Diagonal or side ski carry and vertical snowboard carry
- Pouch for single safety leg-loop in hipbelt
- Glove friendly aluminum safety buckles
- Ice axe or pole fixations
- Helmet carrying system and transport bag included

    One size fits all backpack

    Volume: 25 L
    Measurements: 53 x 22 x 29,5 cm
    Certification: CE EN 16716-2017 TÜV Süd GmbH
    Colors: Fluorescent Orange, Uranium Black
    Weight: 3,2 kg including Alpride E2 System
    MSRP: 1.300 EUR, 1.300 USD, 13.000 SEK


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    Product details
    Available in online and retail stores in Europe from early November, and the rest of the world from early December.

    Product page available here.

    Martin Wichardt & Oscar Barkenbom

    The Alpride E2 Electronic Airbag System
    The new "Alpride E2 Supercapacitor System", stores the energy released when the airbag is deployed. When the supercapacitor system is triggered, it drives a fan to inflate the airbag. Storage and release of energy happens based on an electromechanical process rather than a chemical reaction as occurs in rechargeable batteries.

    As a result, the supercapacitor's performance remains extremely reliable even in very cold temperatures. The new "E2 release unit" is 40% smaller and 25% lighter (140 g) than the existing Alpride E1 system, relative to the 162-liter airbag. Like its predecessor E1, the E2 is also TSA-approved and therefore approved for all airlines.

    The new E2 features an LCD display to check Super Capacitors charging level and the AA battery status. A new knob allows for external deflation and an automatic pressure relief valve reliefs airbag pressure three minutes after inflation.

    About POC
    POC, a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, protection and apparel, has been awarded more than 70 international safety, design, and innovation awards. Founded in 2005 in Sweden, POC’s mission is to ‘protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one’.

    Damian Phillips
    POC, Head of PR and communication, POC HQ, Stockholm
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