POC MAG wins Swedish Publishing Price

POC MAG won the Swedish Publishing Price. Category: Customer Magazines - Consumer

Motivation: "For an innovative and generous magazine with an excellent adaptation to the target group, interesting choice of images and well written editorial content."

Since the beginning of 1990's, Populär Kommunikation has handed out the Swedish Publishing price for printed communication, in a number of categories. All companies, organizations, authorities, publishers, agencies and consultants can participate with magazines, books and other printed productions. The criteria for the award is the design, production, editorial and visual content (identity, style, originality)

The jury rewards the participants that - besides outstanding graphic design and typography - tempts people to read the production. This thanks to a clear and visual message, an informative content, a good target group adaptation and clear identity.

"We have received many awards for our products before. Both for design and technical criteria, but this is very special to us since it is the first competition we enter solely for our marketing communication. This gives us energy to try to outdo ourselves and keep communicating our ideas, interests and standpoints in printed productions."
says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO.

Check out POC MAG here: http://www.pocsports.com/catalogues/index.asp?catalogueID=3