POC presents POC WO

POC WO engineered for women POC WO. WE always refused to address women with the usual "rosy - girly - stuff", we think it's ridiculous. Having said that, over the 6 years we have been around, we have come to learn a bit about anatomy and the differences between genders. There are differences and we admit that we have been discriminating, as a number of products only had male users in mind. POC WO is extracted on the basis that, because of hips and narrower waists, back protectors tend to climb up under the arm pits while the goggles and helmets often too big for smaller female faces. This in addition to the fact that most women would tell you that their hands are freezing, their hands are narrower and their fingers longer. And that's why we thought it would make sense to develop products that would fight these issues and simply offer more adequate products for women. Check the out the WO Line: LÄNK