POC Receptor+ Winner of PlastOvationer 2008

The POC Receptor + helmet, designed, engineered and certified for all gravity sports, is the winner of Plastovationer 2008. PlastOvationer is an annual contest for innovative products made of plastic, arranged by PlastForum in collaboration with DuPont and Distrupol. The criteria has been to award the product that has used plastic, rubber or composites in the smartest and most innovative way, replacing traditional materials and methods with contemporary polymers. “The Receptor+ was a tricky one. Everyone said it would be impossible to develop one helmet, that would be suitable for such a variety of activities as well as making the different standards, covering ski, snowboard, bike, skateboard and water, according to different demands and regulations between the US and Europe. We chose not to listen and succeeded. It is rewarding being recognized in a context where our products are being compared and measured with any other product in any other field, out there, as long as it has to do with plastic.” Says Stefan Ytterborn CEO and Founder POC For more information on the award, contact Peter Schulz at: peter.s@mentoronline.se