POC Red Dot Design (double) Award Winner

For the fifth consecutive year POC is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award. This time it's the POC EYES Eyewear Collection and the Fornix Ski Helmet that have been awarded. POC Eyes Eyewear: With the experience gained in goggle optics, we decided to take the next step with the conviction that we would also be able to make a difference in the field of high performance eyewear. "it's a line of eyewear with the focus on performance and optical perfection. The line stretches from functional performance specs, with the typology evolving from Lenny Kravitz, rather than "stupid science fiction-like blades" to off-activity, hi definition everyday eyewear". Fornix Ski Helmet: The challenge has been to manage the contradiction between super light, well ventilated in-mold helmets and a solid, safe and durable construction. "Thanks to the innovation of POCs Aramid Bridge, the challenges were overcome and we are proud to present the Fornix helmet, the next step in in-mold helmets". Quotes by: Stefan Ytterborn CEO & Founder For more info on Red Dot