POC Team Athlete Jon Olsson - Alpine World Cup skier!

Jon got the call he´s been waiting for. He is in! One of the world's best free skiers Jon Olsson will be making his debut in the FIS Ski World Cup this weekend in Val d'Isère. Jon is currently on a quest to make the Swedish Alpine Ski Team at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. Jon is widely regarded as one of the best freestyle skiers in the world and is known for his progressive riding and invention of many new tricks. Jon has won many of the most respected free skiing competitions including ten Winter X-Games medals. For the past three years he has also run his own tournaments; the Jon Olsson Invitational and the Jon Olsson Super Sessions. Shuttling among freestyle and Alpine events, his success in two skiing disciplines has been unprecedented. How does he do it? We certainly know that Jon is a very busy person, but this is truly amazing! So far, Jon has found a way to mix fun with training, and Freestyle with Alpine. "This shows just what an amazing athlete and skier Jon is. To be able to juggle two disciplines like this is not only physically challenging, but also demands an extremely strong mind! Jon has also to a large extent contributed to the growing acceptance between the Free Skiing and Alpine camps " says Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and Founder of POC. Dont miss it. Giant Slalom. Val d'Isère. Sunday Dec 12th. From Jon Olsson´s blog " -Today I got the call, I am in! Not really sure what to feel about it, it feels kind of unreal, I have always believed in what I have do, but I guess a part of me has still listened to all the people saying that I would never make my alpine comeback and that it was a terrible idea. No matter what happens after this I feel that I proved them wrong, sure I have a long way to go before I reach the top, but I did get as far as a world cup start, something that no one can take away from me! It feels amazing and totally unreal! Sitting here trying to write what I feel about it but I can't come up with much, I just feel such a relief that if nothing else I will at least have raced a World cup race in ski racing carrier, a very nice and unusual "check box" to have next to the X games medals! So what do I think of my chances? Well to be honest its going to be a tough one! I guess I will start around 55 and on an average World Cup I would say that there is only 2-3 guys outside of the first 35 start numbers that makes it in for the second run. So with number 55 you have to have the run of your life in order to qualify! I really don't care though, I am going to go out there smile all day and ski as fast as I can! This will be about learning and snapping up as much impressions as possible so that I know what to work on. I am still way a head of my initial GS comeback plan so this is just bonus races that I am going to use as wisely as I can. Breaking into the WC takes time, I just have to do my best, stay motivated and most of all keep having fun!"