POC Tempor Time Trial Helmet nominated for Design S

"What fantastic project this has been! Gustav Larsson, Sweden´s top international road cyclist, who among a number of successes has a Time Trial Silver medal from the Beijing Olympics, came by the POC office in the spring of 2011, with a question: I want to win the London Olympics and I need the best possible equipment; can you help me doing the worlds fastest Time Trial helmet?

The timing was perfect. POC is planning to launch its first Road Bike line, in the fall of 2013 and starting by developing something promoting our mission of saving lives and reducing consequences with the challenge of optimizing performance with ground breaking aerodynamics was perfect.

Gusatv had a lot of ideas, some deriving from speed skiing where we at POC have experience, with World Record holder Sanna Tidstrand on the team, together with numerous other directions.
A number of concepts were tested together with Semcon, who has the most sophisticated soft ware and experience for data projections, used for anything from Formula 1 cars to developing the fastest hulls for boats.

The concept of viewing the cyclist as one body mass, rather than isolating the head showed to be the go. At the end, with a few secret details (the ventilations holes might not be what they appear to be, for example), we had developed a helmet, at least 34 seconds faster at 50 K/h, for 50 Ks, compared to the fastest competitor.

Gustav crashed at the Olympics and now with the nomination for Design S, there might be chance for another victory, for him and us.
We cross our fingers. " Says Stefan Ytterborn CEO and Founder