POC unveil new 2017 helmet, protection, mountain bike and road collections at Eurobike

POC, a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armor, apparel and accessories was founded in 2005 in Sweden, with a strong mission ‘to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists’. The new 2017 cycling collection, which will be presented at Eurobike, marks another significant contribution to the industry with the introduction of a brand new mountain bike range, ‘Resistance pro’, a new helmet designed for cross country riders, the Octal X, a new series in the Fondo road bike collection, named ‘Gradient’ and a completely updated protective backpack collection. Stefan Ytterborn, POC CEO and founder said – “With our new 2017 cycling collection we have sought to tune into each individual rider’s needs. Our mountain bike apparel, which is called ‘Resistance’ and ‘Resistance pro’, is divided into the three main riding categories; DH, Enduro and XC, with fit and materials tuned in very specifically for the performance needs of those activities and to support our mission. To complement the Resistance pro XC apparel range we have also developed a brand new helmet for 2017, the Octal X, which combines the best safety, aerodynamics and weight properties from our award winning Octal, with more XC specific safety and durability features.” “2017 will also see a new series in our Fondo road bike apparel range, which we launched in 2016. Fondo is about anticipation, that quiet joy in mapping a route, drafting an itinerary and planning an escape. Driven by curiosity and adventure it is also about the inspiration gained from people, food, landscapes and culture. With this in the forefront of our minds our new series for 2017, Fondo Gradient, is inspired by some of the classic climbs in road racing, l’Alpe d’Huez, Stelvio and the Muur.” POC Cycling 17 highlights - Resistance Pro The type and level of mountain bike riding has changed significantly in recent years, which has naturally placed greater demands on bikes, riders and equipment. Resistance Pro has been developed to meet these greater demands. Developed in conjunction with some of the world’s foremost textile engineers, Resistance pro has been created around the core mountain bike categories, downhill (DH), enduro (EN) and cross country (XC), all of which have specific needs and requirements. Progressive fabrics and materials have been combined and integrated into the Resistance Pro apparel to increase the level of protection against impacts, penetration, friction, UV and abrasion. For example the Resistance Pro DH jersey features strategically placed Cordura re-inforcements on the arms, low friction Vectran® patches on the elbows, specific mesh ventilation zones and DWR treatment in zones prone to water and dirt accumulation. The Resistance Pro DH pants and DH shorts feature integrated stretch and water repellency and provides penetration and impact support through the use of the extremely durable ceramic coated Super Fabric®. Resistance Pro Enduro apparel is designed for the specific needs of enduro riding and racing. The Resistance Pro long sleeve jersey and Enduro Tee feature Cordura patches, a full length zip, DWR treatment and more ventilation zones for quick drying and moisture management. The Resistance Pro Enduro shorts are lightweight with a cut designed for pedalling efficiency as well as featuring reinforcement patches. The Resistance Pro Enduro rain jacket is designed to support riders in the very worst conditions with a 5000mm water column and sleeves reinforced with Vectran®. The Resistance Pro XC apparel is a whole new line of apparel, including Jerseys, jackets, zip tee’s, bib shorts, gloves, shorts, legs, sleeves etc. Performance is critical in XC and the Resistance Pro XC line has aerodynamics, fit, weight and practicality at the very center of its development. Resistance Pro XC apparel also feature safety properties, with areas of Cordura to support riders in the case of a fall. With the introduction of the Resistance XC Tee and XC shorts, which offer a slightly more relaxed fit, but with the same performance properties, Resistance Pro XC gives riders a better choice of what to use when they want to compete or hit the trail. Octal X The Octal X helmet has been specifically designed for XC mountain bike riding and developed from the same technology and design as the award-winning Octal road helmet, notably the extreme ventilation, low weight, unibody shell construction and aerodynamic efficiency. To optimize the helmet for the specific demands of XC mountain biking, the Octal X has added robustness and protection. The inclusion of POC’s proven aramid bridge technology adds structural integrity and guards against impact penetration. A fundamental addition to the Octal X’s improved performance and safety is the extended helmet shell, which covers more of the helmet liner ensuring that the helmet has enhanced strength properties with very little increase in weight. The Octal X compliments the existing POC helmet range and mountain bike riders will now have helmets to suit all their riding needs. Fondo ‘Gradient’ A bike and your ideas can take you places, but it’s the places that leave the mark. Fondo Gradient is a collection which celebrates the very essence of Fondo and the beauty of climbing on a road bike. Classic climbs form the cornerstone of bike culture and to celebrate their role, landscapes and history, Fondo Gradient has been inspired by three of the most iconic: Passo dello Stelvio; l’Alpe d’Huez and Muur van Geraardsbergen. The Gradient collection features a classic jersey and light jersey, created for warmer conditions, which have designs and colours inspired by the environments and events associated with the climbs. The jerseys all feature a maximum gradient to inspire riders, take on the challenge and follow in the footsteps of some of the greats in cycling. New protective backpacks POC has long been associated with protection and were pioneers in producing protective backpacks for mountain bikers, notably with the introduction of spine protecting VPD inserts. 2017 marks a significant update on POC protective backpacks which feature a 13l, 8l and a light weight vest. POC protective backpacks have been designed to provide the ideal MTB ride protection and practicality. The backpack range is extremely light, comes in different sizes and features certified (EN 1621-1) back protectors, which provide the perfect complement to long and short days on the trail. The backpacks have been redesigned to meet all the demands of today’s mountain bikers. A unique twin-strap closure provides a light and secure retention system, whilst a mixture of side pockets and internal compartments allows for weight to be evenly distributed throughout the backpack for ideal balance and comfort. The 13l model also provides a system to carry an additional helmet, which is often needed in endure racing. Eurobike All the new cycling 17 products will be presented at Eurobike from August 31st to September 4th. You will find the POC booth at B3 405.