POC winner of the VOLVO SportsDesign AWARD

At a ceremony at ISPO in Munich, the world's largest winter sports fair, POC won the VOLVO SportsDesign AWARD 2006.

"Cars are driven by people; therefore, the leading principle behind everything we do at VOLVO is and must remain, safety," Gustaf Larsson and Assar Gabrielson, co-founders of the Swedish car producer, once said. VOLVO and ISPO joined forces in to honor outstanding and visionary achievements in sport design. The VOLVO SportsDesign AWARD has in a very short time become one of the most sought after awards for industry and designers. This year's theme was "Active Safety" in sports. Over 300 applications were judged by a panel of eight international and renowned jury members on criteria such as safety, functionality, form, innovation, use of material, color and graphics. In the head protection category, the Skull Comp Helmet was the winner.

"The head is a core image of a person. I am personally very, very sensitive when it comes to the style of all objects protecting my head."
Andrej Kupetz, jury member and director of the German design council.

"The bright orange POC helmet is an enormous step in design of safety sports equipment. The most important task for a designer of a helmet is to create something sturdy and safe, still so cool and good looking that it is fun to wear. Only a helmet that will make a person look great will be worn with delight. And only a helmet that?s on your head and not on your shelf will save your life. But the POC helmet, I must confess, is such a work of art that I would love to put it both on my head and on my shelf."
Gerrit Terstiege, jury member and deputy editor-in-chief of design magazine Form.

For further information visit www.ispo-sportdesign.com.