Receptor - A single helmet for many different action sports

Quick switch between winter and summer mode. Outstanding energy absorption reduces G-forces by half. Certified for skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and bike and water sports.

The new Receptor helmet from the Swedish company POC has been developed for the growing number of people who enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter and change to other action sports - such as skateboarding, surfing, dirt bike, BMX, wakeboarding or kiteboarding - in the summer months.

In the past such enthusiasts have needed a different helmet for each discipline - and have ended up able to supply a whole army with helmets. Now, with the Receptor, they can quickly convert a single helmet for all these different activities and obtain the head protection that is essential for all those who push the limits. In energy absorption testing the Receptor has set new standards in safety performance, with the G-forces suffered by the head mostly about half those achieved with competitive helmets.

The Receptor is believed to be the first helmet certified according to both the US ASTM Standards and the European CE Standards for skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, cycling and water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and kiteboarding.

New technologies and materials
"Everyone said it was impossible",says Stefan Ytterborn, POC's CEO. "But we were determined to develop a helmet that would work perfectly on snow, concrete, dirt or water and that would be certified for use in these very different environments. Thanks to some patentable solutions incorporating new technologies and materials, we made it!"

A major challenge was to find a solution that combines the necessary energy absorption characteristics with optimal ventilation and rapid drainage of water. This was solved by means of a patent pending design with dual shells separated by a system of channels with offset ventilation holes. The outer shell is a stiff injected shell of PC (polycarbonate), while the inner shell is a super-thin vacuum formed PC shell.

To meet the penetration resistance criteria specified by European ski helmet Standards, the Receptor helmet uses the same patented aramid penetration barrier (APB) as POC's dedicated skiing helmets. The ballistic aramid material is also energy absorbing, and it is the combination of the APB and the dual shell solution that gives the Receptor helmet its outstanding energy absorption properties.

Ski helmets normally use a liner of EPS (expanded polystyrene) for maximum energy absorption, but because of the requirement here to withstand multiple impacts - especially for cycling and skateboarding - which EPS cannot, an alternative material was needed for the Receptor. Thanks to a new-generation EPP (expanded polypropylene) cellular plastic which can resist multiple impacts, it was possible to achieve this without compromising the energy absorption properties. Another advantage is that the EPP
doesn't soak up water, which is an essential feature for water sports.

For winter use the Receptor comes with detachable ear pads and a soft comfort lining together with a system of plugs to give greater or less ventilation. For summer use the standard ear pads and comfort
lining are removed and the lining is replaced by a water resistant comfort lining made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). There are also optional EVA ear pads to protect the ear drums of those falling into water after high jumps.

The Receptor helmet comes complete with all items needed for switching mode and will be available in stores from October onwards in the 25 countries where POC is represented.