The AVIP concept nominated for Design S

The AVIP concept has been nominated for the prestigious Design S Award. Design S is Sweden’s national design award and singles out creative and innovative solutions in every imaginable area of products, services and environments, regardless of the design field. The Design S award has been presented every second years since 2006 and this year’s winners will be announced on November 26th at the Architecture and Design Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. – “We are super excited to be nominated for Design S and we keep our fingers crossed and see how it goes”, says Stefan Ytterborn, POC CEO and founder. “We’ve been fortunate to have been awarded the Design S a few times before for products that we are really proud of. This time we are nominated with the AVIP concept, which is something more than just a product”. AVIP is POC’s most ambitious initiative to date, promoting safety for road cyclists. AVIP stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection and is a concept that has been created in collaboration with some of the best minds in science, health and technology. Together, we have investigated and researched areas such as visibility, psychology, anthropology, perception and communication to better understand the specific hazards in road cycling and where gains could be made. – “As we entered the road bike scene we decided to embrace the POC mission of saving lives and reducing consequences of accidents in a more holistic way. Anyone on a road bike is aware of the hazard of sharing the road with cars.” – “We asked ourselves what we could do in terms of proactive safety as well as post active safety. Besides helmets and other protection, dealing with violence in a crash, what could we do to prevent riders having to use their helmet in the event of a crash? And what could we do to locate the victim and serve for immediate rescue? This holistic perspective guided us in the development process of the AVIP-line. Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection, that’s what’s it all about, after years of in-depth R&D.” With AVIP, we want to contribute new ideas and solutions for improved safety, protection and performance. We have challenged ourselves to come up with more specific products and concepts with the goal of supporting a safer ride.
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