The beauty of organic success, beyond your own control

POC is apporached by a number of students, every year, in different fields, from around the world, for studies related to our business. A year and half ago we were approched by a design student, Philip Woodman of Coventry University, with a request to develop a car interior based on POC´s genetics and typology. The answer is always yes and the outcome differs. But the joy of being able to share with students and their early work is what counts.

After some time we received the most amazing CADs of Philip´s work. This was a guy who had it all and someone who´s pitch was absolute. Since then we´ve had his CAD´s and drawings on our ”concept wall”, to enjoy, everyday.

Today we got a fax from Phil and boy are we proud on his behalf: Phil has won the Best Conceptual Interior as well as being awarded the overall Student Designer of the Year, with the POC interior, at the Interior Motives Awards. We truly want share his work and the least we can do is to share his contact info, for those looking for an outstanding designer, e-mail: or on mobile: +44 (0) 7527 463 104

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