The Volvo partnership

Volvo Partnership

Our partnership with Volvo Car Group allows us to exchange knowledge and experience in order to mutually explore new ideas within safety and design. The partnership will explore possibilities to extend the safety knowledge as well as products and services offered by Volvo and POC.

Together with Volvo we are looking at new ways to promote safety and our initial research and development project is focusing on communication between cars and cyclists. Volvo has the vision, competence and experience and have been leading the development within road safety for more than 80 years and it’s a treasure to interact on safety with them.

The partnership has allowed for state of the art research, full scale testing and has supported and injected new ideas into our development processes.

Further, our collaboration with Volvo has given us the opportunity to utilize Volvo’s knowledge in aerodynamics and their wind tunnel facility for aerodynamic optimization. Volvo is also a part of POC WATTS Lab, our highly specialized department whose objective is to optimize performance and aerodynamics in POC products.