Protection Choices: Kajsa Larsson

Choosing the right ski helmet and goggles for how and where you ski, and in which conditions, is vital for getting the most from any day in the mountains.

Whether you live close to your favourite mountain and are out as often as physically possible, or whether you ski a couple of times each year, there are certain principles that are always worth following when choosing your protection.

Here, we ask the professionals about what influences their choice, so they always have complete trust in their protection.

What fit do you look for when choosing your ski helmet?
An adjustable fit is vital for me. I want the helmet to be light and to stay in place without feeling tight or wobbly. I look for a helmet where the features are not too visible.

What features can’t you do without in a helmet? What is nice to have (but not necessary)?
For me, the weight of the helmet plays a key role in which model I choose. Ventilation is important, and I want to be easy to attach a goggle band while I’m wearing gloves. It’s great to have RECCO® in the helmet, too.

How do you care for your helmet between uses?
I normally wear a balaclava under my helmet, which means I don’t have to do too much to clean helmet padding. The balaclava gets washed all the time! I don’t use any strong cleaners on the outside because I don’t want to damage the outer shell.

What fit do you look for when choosing your goggles?
The most important thing for me is the shape around the nose. I want the fit to be snug but I need to be able to breathe freely. Sometimes a helmet can push the goggles down so I like to try them together. Since I’m out a lot in different conditions, being able to change lenses easily is really important.

Do you prefer cylindrical or toric lens shape? Why?
I love the toric lens shape, but I choose it for how it looks rather than any difference in what or how I can see through it.

How often do you swap the lens in your frame? Why?
Almost every day, depending on if I do night skiing, whiteout skiing, sunny skiing etc. I always have a spare in my pocket, just in case I crash or if It gets foggy.

How do you care for your goggles between uses and between seasons?
I make sure not to touch the inside of my lenses. When I’m not wearing them while I’m out, I keep them wrapped in a beanie in my bag, so the lens doesn’t get damaged.

How do you feel the benefit of the seamless fit of the helmet and goggles worn together?
I can’t ski with anything that does not give me a Seamless Fit. Without it, I’d have brain freeze all the time from the cold air. I also love the look of the Seamless Fit. The two pieces together looks phenomenal!

Photos by: Martin Wichardt

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