Materialica Design and Technology Award for the Recptor+ Helmet

This is a special award. The Materialica Award has evolved from the Materialica International Trade Fair for Materials Applications, Surface Technology and Product Engineering.

POCs Recptor+ helmet,developed and certified within EU and USA, according to the CE and ASTM standards, for a broad variety of disciplines,such as snowsports, biking,skateboard and watersports, is the subject, something that everyone told us would be impossible.

The concept behind the Receptor+ helmet consists of two main ambitions. First the stupidity of having to store an army of helmets,to work with the different disciplines. Especially as a growing number of action sports practicians are into numerous and different sports.

The other aspect was the one of ecology. The enviromental effects of five helmets instead of one,consuming material, production,transport and destruction are immense.

"The world of materials is developing swiftly and becoming increasingly complex. Designers have known for a long time that the success of a product and its design also depends on the right choice of materials. Pioneering materials can provide functional, aesthetic and production-related impulses. At the same time,engineers and developers are inspired by design requirements to develop new materials and technologies.

To highlight this interrelation,to demonstrate the importance of materials for industrial design-oriented applications and to stablish a platform for designers, material manufacturers, developers, engineers and producers for a get together, MunichExpo has been organizing the MATERIALICA Design+ Technology Award for six years. The main focal point of this award is on aerospace,automotive,engineering, sports and technical consumer goods". Says:Materialica

"With the specific topics of the Materialica Award; materials, technology, engineering and ecology, it is a slightly a different approach; industrial, visionary and pragmatic.That we like!
Says:Stefan Ytterborn CEO POC